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Three Little Birds is the spot to indulge in the best of all things Jamaican. April Jackson decided to open this café, boutique and rum bar to celebrate her island’s cuisine, music and talent, whilst giving guests the opportunity to escape as they journey to the Caribbean.

Throughout her travels, April has always held onto her Jamaican roots and Three Little Birds is a reflection of this. Reinterpreted classical recipes and traditional rum cocktails alongside authentic Jamaican merchandise breathe new life into Caribbean eateries as you may know them. Come feel the vibe of one of the world’s greatest islands, come get your taste of Jamaica!

The Boutique


jamrock-pepper-jellyOften compared to feeling like the Duty Free area at one of Jamaica’s airports, we stock a range of clothing, accessories, jewellery, coffee, condiments and chocolate, which make for great gifts for yourselves or others.

We stock:
• JAMROCK Clothing & Condiments
• Official Marley Clothing
• Chelle Belle Bags
• Rêve Jewellery
• Marley Coffee
• Black River Chocolate

Visit the »Shop JAMROCK« online store!

Our Founder

Foodie Entrepreneur

Three Little Birds is the brainchild of ‘foodie entrepreneur’, Apprentice Series 11 candidate and former Miss Jamaica Universe, April Jackson. She is a graduate of Columbia University who now resides in London with a mission to wave the Jamaican flag high and challenge the negative stereotypes of her homeland. Her passion for food developed whilst living in Europe and the States where she was exposed to the local cuisine and food culture. As the author and creator of ‘The Yummy Truth’ she has attracted an international following through her blog. April looks to contribute to the Caribbean restaurant scene in London by bringing a unique taste of Jamaica that raises the bar with incredible flavours, impeccable service and the indescribable vibe that Jamaicans are famous for.


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